Couple Arrested in Thailand for Showing Buttocks in Disrespectful Photo

Joseph and Travis Dasilva maintained a now-deleted Instagram account with 14,000 followers called “Traveling Butts.” After they posted a photo of themselves at a famous Buddhist temple with their buttocks exposed, they were arrested.

Deputy police spokesman Krisana Pattanacharoen said the men were arrested Tuesday night at a Bangkok airport and face public indecency charges.

The men caused an uproar in Buddhist-majority Thailand last week after their photo taken at Bangkok’s Wat Arun was widely shared, prompting a police investigation.


…[P]olice were preparing more charges against the Americans, because they posted their photos on the internet and took photos of their naked body parts at a religious site.

They would be charged with violating the computer crime law for posting pornographic pictures online and breaching Section 206 of the criminal law concerning behaviour at a religious place that insults the religion, Pol Col Jarupat said.

The couple faces prison sentences if found guilty.

Read more about it at the Bangkok Post and USA Today.

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Disaffected Mormons Leak Videos, Embarrassing Mormon Church

Fifteen videos were posted online [in October] showing senior leaders of the Mormon Church in private meetings discussing issues including same-sex marriage, marijuana, Somali pirates and even whether the church could be vulnerable to WikiLeaks. The church has acknowledged that the videotapes are authentic.

… [T]his leak of videos from church headquarters in Salt Lake City is the work of disaffected Mormons who found one another online, in a Reddit forum for ex-Mormons…

The videos are uploaded onto a YouTube channel called Mormon Leaks.

Read more about it at the New York Times.

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Email on Halal Pork Circulates; Police Report Made

(Original story at The Straits Times here.)

No one has been charged last I checked, but this is a good reminder and an example of how freedom of speech is restricted in different ways in different parts of the world. Due to laws promoting religious and racial harmony in Singapore, such jokes are not tolerated.

Police report lodged over ‘Halal Pork’ Facebook hoax

Published on Jan 30, 2014

By Audrey Tan

The police confirmed on Thursday that a report has been lodged against a religiously insensitive hoax that was making its rounds on social media platform Facebook recently. The image, which depicts a packet of grocery retailer FairPrice’s Pasar Fresh Pork bearing a green halal sticker, was first circulated via e-mail here in 2007.

The latest report comes after a call for police investigation into the case was made by Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC MP Zainal Sapari on Monday, when the supermarket chain released a statement calling the image a “mischievous hoax that is both insensitive and done in poor taste”.

This comes after a slew of police reports were lodged by FairPrice since the first image of the tampered packaging was circulated via an e-mail hoax in 2007. Investigations are ongoing.

Police are also advising the public to refrain from circulating such images. Under Section 298A, those guilty of promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion or race and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony can face a jail term of up to three years, a fine, or both.

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