My academic training is in business and communication. My day job is at Colorado State Bank and Trust as Mortgage Banker. I split my time between my offices in downtown Denver and downtown Boulder, and can lend in all 50 states. A proud homeowner in the northwestern part of the Denver metro area, I am going on 5 years in the mortgage industry.

The first job that I took on after I was honorably discharged from the Singapore Army many years ago was teaching. I discovered I loved it and was very good at it. Today, I continue to educate people in my day job — even second time home buyers and seasoned real estate investors — on what is usually the biggest purchase(s) of their lives.

I keep this blog to remind everyone, including me, that anyone can say anything easily on social media that they might live to regret. On this blog are many real-life examples of people who have lost their jobs; organizations which have lost clients; and public figures who have lost popular support because of their indiscretions on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs.

Read about my professional experience on LinkedIn and the loan products we offer at Colorado State Bank and Trust. I also keep a blog about mortgages, home ownership and real estate investment with a Coloradan perspective.

Call/Text me at (720)-588-8466 or email me at ncheong@csbt.com for questions!

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