American Man Mocked After He Taunts Singapore Newspaper for Using British English

Don Lovell is a consultant from Atlanta, Georgia. For some reason, he decided to take issue with the Straits Times’ use of British English on Twitter and would not quit when corrected. Out of embarrassment, perhaps, he removed his Twitter account.

Earlier this afternoon, the Singaporean publication tweeted out a report about a driver who was arrested in an alleged drunk, errrr “drink” driving case.

Annoyed by the usage of British standards, good ‘ol Lovell insisted that the phrase that should have been used was “drunk driving”.

Not to be outdone by a damn dictionary definition, Lovell said that ST — a newspaper that’s been around since 1845 during the British colonial rule with a British man as its founding editor — should actually be using American English instead.

Lovell then questioned the paper’s understanding of linguistics. A sincere query posed to an entity that’s been around since before he was even born.

“You don’t understand linguistics, do you? Where English comes from? Oh, that’s good. How about where English flourishes?”

To see how other Twitter users responded to his tirade, read more about the story on Coconuts Singapore here.

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Author: Nicholas

Experienced Mortgage Banker in the Denver metro area.

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