David Beckham calls Hong Kong “China,” Causes Outcry

David Beckham, famous soccer player, was in Hong Kong. He wanted to share how much he enjoyed the experience, but instead caused controversy.

People in the Chinese-speaking world know that Hong Kong, though technically part of China, has its own distinct culture, laws, and even currency under the “one-country, two systems” policy.

Because of the distinction and cultural differences, most people in Hong Kong do not like it when westerners call it “China” instead of referring to it separately. On the other hand, most mainland Chinese like to remind everyone that Hong Kong is indeed part of China!

The former footballer, 41, shared a photo montage on Instagram and Facebook of his trip to Shanghai and Hong Kong with the caption “great 48 hours in China”.

Fans were quick to point out that Hong Kong is in an autonomous territory that has its own government and laws.

One user was quick to point out: “We have our own government, currency, even Football Team!”

Another posted: “I like you a lot, thanks for visiting, but this is Hong Kong… not China…”

…Noticing his error, the former footballer quickly changed the message to read: “Great 48 hours in Shanghai and Hong Kong.”

But the caption change sparked fury among some who said Hong Kong is a part of China.

One user posted: “Believe it or not, Hong Kong belongs to People’s Republic of China!!!”

Another wrote: “Tbh, loved you for so many years but I think I will stop supporting you now. Because you changed ’48 hours in China’ to ‘Shanghai and Hong Kong’ which clearly shows your political view that Hong Kong does not belong to China.”

Read more about it on the Evening Standard.

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