Social Media Users Angry at United Airlines After It Bans Girls Wearing Leggings from Boarding

United Airlines has angered many — some calling the company sexist — after a story broke out about how two teenage girls were stopped from boarding a plane at the Denver International Airport. The reason? They were wearing leggings.

United Airlines has since clarified that the two passengers “were ‘pass travelers’ — people who are family or associates of United employees — and thus, as indirect or direct representatives of the company, must follow a dress code.”

Casual attire generally is allowed for pass travelers, according to Guerin, but the attire “of this particular pass rider did not meet the rules.” Flip flops are apparently another type of clothing that pass travelers are barred from wearing…

…The incident set off a firestorm on Twitter early Sunday after Shannon Watts, founder of the gun control advocacy group Moms Demand Action, posted about the girls not being allowed to board.

Fueling the controversy were initial United tweets in response to Watts that lacked context in which the airline said it “shall have the right to refuse passengers if they are not properly clothed via our Contract of Carriage.”

Read more about it at the Denver Post.

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Author: Nicholas

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