Locked out of Your Facebook Account? Do NOT Call This Number.

We’ve all been locked out of our online accounts before. But if this happens to you on Facebook, beware of a scam that’s going around.

Apparently, if you search for “Facebook customer service” on Google, you will find a phone number to call. You will speak with a “live” person, but the problem is that it’s not Facebook you’re contacting.

A call center operator named “Steven”… says: “Thanks for calling Facebook.” He is pretending to be a Facebook employee.

[The caller] plays along and explains he is locked out of his Facebook account. He needs help getting reactivated.

“Steven” gives him very unusual advice: Go to a Wal-Mart or a Target.

“Just walk up over there and tell them to provide you an iTunes card. OK? And on the backside of that iTunes card there would be a 16-digit security code.”

…Steven continues: “You need to call us back on this same number and provide me that 16-digit security code so that I can activate that access and we’ll be giving you the password for your new — for your old account.”

This is a scam. The top Google search result for “Facebook customer service” led to a person asking for codes on iTunes gift cards. This is a well-known method of stealing from innocent people online.

Read more about it at NPR.

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Author: Nicholas

Experienced Mortgage Banker in the Denver metro area.

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