Bus Company Deletes Facebook Complaint on Bedbugs; Passenger Reposts and Story Goes Viral

A woman traveling by coach complained about bedbugs on the bus, complains about it on the bus company’s Facebook page, where it got deleted. She went ahead to share it on her own Facebook account, and it went viral, prompting others to share about their bad experiences.

This was then picked up by mass media, and the company said that it was investigating.

The bus was traveling from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, to Singapore.

Administrative executive Natalie Yap, 29, wrote on Facebook detailing her unpleasant experience onboard Starmart Express’ “first class massage coach” on Monday (Dec 26), and demanded that the company provide a full refund for her trip and medical expenses.

The Singapore permanent resident, who was in the Malaysian capital for the Christmas holidays, also uploaded photos of her bites and the bedbugs in the Facebook post, which went viral with close to 9,000 shares.

My suggestion to address complaints on commercial Facebook pages is:

  1. Respond directly to the post. Never delete it.
  2. Apologize for the inconvenience and bad experience.
  3. State that the company is aware of the complaint and that a private message has been sent to the complainer to obtain more details.
  4. Assign a specific employee to investigate.
  5. In the private message, request for the complainer to get in touch with said employee. Provide the employee’s full name, his/her direct phone number and an email address. If there is a ticket number to log the complaint, provide it.
  6. If the complainer refuses to contact the company privately and continues to rant on the Facebook page, state that it’s not company policy to address complaints publicly because of customer privacy issues, and then reiterate that an employee will be ready to address the complaint via phone or email.

Read more about it at The Straits Times.

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