Man Jailed for Developing App to Hack Website to Steal Nude Photos

His victims have embarrassing pictures traded around pornographic websites, perhaps permanently.

A Colorado Springs hacker who sold computer code that allowed people, including blackmailers, to scan Photobucket’s cache of 10 billion customer photographs and videos for nude and pornographic images and steal them was sentenced Tuesday to 29 months in prison…

Bourret sold the application, developed in 2006, under the online handle phatWares. The tool allowed his customers to gain illegal access to protected albums…

The app allowed users to search for underage girls or someone of a specific race, or for a particular sexual activity…

…He admitted that his customers accessed the accounts of 1.9 million people or about 2 percent of their clientele.

Among the victims was a woman identified only be the initial K, said prosecutor David Tonini. In her victim impact statement, K wrote: “‘This will never go away.’”

Read more about it at the Denver Post.

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Author: Nicholas

Experienced Mortgage Banker in the Denver metro area.

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