Singapore Airlines, Politicians Criticized for Hijacking Olympic Gold Medalist’s Success

Joseph Schooling made history by winning the first gold medal for Singapore in the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Curiously, many people and organizations wanted to associate themselves with him so as to raise their profile:

Singapore Airlines was quick to present Schooling with a KrisFlyer Elite Gold card and one million KrisFlyer miles, “because the King of the Butterfly deserves a Great Way to Fly”.

Pretty clever I must say, and totally appropriate.

However, they got stumped by this one photo with a very bad composition…

What is this?

It looks like the guy in the middle is having a birthday party and Schooling accidentally gatecrashed it.

Let’s not even get started about using the Singapore flag as a tablecloth.

There was a Member of Parliament (MP) who was criticized for claiming credit for Schooling’s deferment of National Service to allow Schooling to compete in the Games:

Then there is Member of Parliament Lee Bee Wah with her epic Facebook post which many netizens suggested she was trying too hard to claim credits for Schooling’s success…

Finally, there was a Cabinet Minister who was criticized for not wanting to pay for the “live” streaming for the Games due to the cost, but was in Rio to take pictures with Schooling:

Before national television broadcaster Mediacorp secured a last minute deal with the Rio 2016 television broadcast rights owner, Dentsu, to telecast the games live to the Singapore audience,Fu made these comments in an interview:

“This time the Olympics is important for us, with so many of our athletes training very hard, but it’s 30 hours away and the time zone is a bit different.

So I think that while Singaporeans are still very concerned and interested in the performance of our athletes, I’m sure many of them will try to catch up and watch the Games at a later time.”


We see her watching the games live in Rio though. She was also there taking photos with Joseph Schooling…

Read more about it — pictures, negative comments and all — at Yahoo Sports.

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