Teenager Pokes Fun at Asians on Facebook… Gets Fired 5 years later

When he was barely old enough to vote, he posted something really ignorant about Asians on Facebook. He apparently did this a few more times, until he got a job with a state senatorial candidate in New York. To solicit for votes among Asian Americans, no less.

Someone apparently dug up these old posts and brought them to the attention to the attention of the candidate, who fired him from the campaign immediately.

A young political operative disparaged Asians on social media — and then landed a job requiring him to solicit their votes for a state Senate candidate, The Post has learned.

Minutes after getting a call from The Post about his online antics, Stavisky fired Randell, a former intern at the Clinton Foundation.

“This campaign will not tolerate any expressions of divisiveness,” said campaign manager Veronica Ng, who described Randell as a junior staff member.

Read the full story on the New York Post here.

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Author: Nicholas

Experienced Mortgage Banker in the Denver metro area.

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