British Expat Insults Singaporeans; Receives Death Threats

(Original stories at The Straits Times here and at The New Paper here.)

The lesson here is that if you insult a big enough group, eventually you will get death threats. Like the girl who dressed up as a victim of the Boston marathon bombing. Do you think Anton will lose his job?

UPDATE: The Straits Times reports that Casey was fired.

Sorry, I had poor judgment

 January 22, 2014 

By: Ronald Loh

A Facebook picture of a boy in an MRT station had the caption: “Daddy where is your car & who are all these poor people?”

Another picture of a boy in a Porsche convertible had the caption: “Ahhhhhhhh reunited with my baby. Nowmal service can resume, once I have washed the stench of public transport off me.”

Screengrabs of the postings soon made their way to various websites and online forums, and went viral, sparking an online storm.

The Facebook account belongs to Mr Anton Casey (above), a Briton working here as a senior wealth manager.

He issued a statement yesterday to apologise for his actions and regrets “having offended and disrespected the people of Singapore.” He also said there had been a “security breach” of his Facebook account.

British expat, husband of former Miss Singapore, apologises for calling commuters “poor people”

 Published on Jan 21, 2014
By Yeo Sam Jo

 An expatriate who referred to commuters on public transport as “poor people” in his Facebook post has apologised on Tuesday in a statement sent to the press.

British national Anton Casey, who is married to former Miss Singapore Universe Bernice Wong, added that he and his family had received death threats and that he had exercised “poor judgment” in his earlier comments.

In a statement issued through Fulford Public Relations, he said: “I would like to extend a sincere apology to the people of Singapore.”

Mr Casey, who apparently drives a Porsche, added: “In the past 24 hours due to a security breach of my personal Facebook page and the misuse of an old video by unknown sources, my family and especially my Singaporean son have suffered extreme emotional and verbal abuse online.”

The online roasting started following the circulation of a couple of Mr Anton Casey’s Facebook posts which sported insensitive comments. A YouTube video of him in what seemed like a taunting response to his detractors, was also blasted by netizens.

Anton Casey and employer Crossinvest Asia have ‘parted ways’

Published on Jan 25, 2014
9:34 AM

A day after Mr Anton Casey left Singapore for Perth with his family, his company, Crossinvest Asia has announced that the senior wealth manager is no longer its employee.

In a statement on its Facebook page late Friday night, it said it is deeply concerned that Mr Casey’s recent remarks on social media have caused great distress among Singaporeans. “Those comments go against our core corporate and family values that are based on trust, mutual understanding and are respectful of diversity,” said the statement.

It said Crossinvest Asia is a family business and Mr Casey’s comments “do not represent the culture that we have built over many years”. “Accordingly, Crossinvest Asia and Mr Casey have parted ways with immediate effect,” it added.

Mr Casey, 39, a Briton married to former Miss Singapore Bernice Wong, caused an uproar when his Facebook post showing him calling public transport commuters “poor people”, and another one claiming he needed to “wash the stench of public transport off me” went viral.

The Straits Times reported on Saturday that he and his family left Singapore for Perth on Friday. Mr Casey said it was because of “threats made towards my family”. In an e-mail response to The Straits Times, he apologised to the people of Singapore again and offered to do community work “to make amends for my mistakes”.

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