Facebook Troll Makes Racist Remarks; Arrested

(Original story at Yahoo! News Singapore here.)

Here we have a man who set up a Facebook account under a fake profile and made controversial remarks for the sole purpose of trolling. Why he did that, we don’t know, but his trolling got too far and has got him into trouble.

The Yahoo! article didn’t say what he said, but some research revealed that he made disparaging remarks about Malay Muslims and pigs.

I’ve previous written about restrictions to freedom of speech, depending on the jurisdiction you live in. In Germany, it is illegal to deny the Holocaust. In Thailand, it is considered lese-majeste (and a very serious crime) to insult the king. In the United States, it is a felony to threaten the President. In South Korea, it is against the law to perform acts that benefit North Korea. And in Singapore, it is illegal to make disparaging remarks about any race or religion.

Man, 22, under police probe for posting racist remarks under pseudonym ‘Heather Chua’

By Jeanette Tan | Yahoo Newsroom – Fri, Jan 10, 2014

A 22-year-old man is under investigation by local police for a string of offensive remarks he allegedly posted under the fictitious name “Heather Chua” on Facebook.

In a statement issued on Friday, police said several members of the public have filed police reports against his posts, which angered many Internet users. The first, police said, was filed on 3 January this year.

Police said they determined the 22-year-old’s identity through “extensive investigations”. The man is now assisting police with their investigations.

Police warned also that any person found guilty of promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion or race, and carrying out acts that undermine harmony, can be jailed for up to three years and fined.

Using the moniker “Heather Chua”, the man allegedly posted comments insulting the work of National Servicemen, ITE graduates and Malays, among a series of other things. “Chua”’s posts, which were frequently geotagged to Sentosa Cove, ignited the ire of many Facebook users, prompting the efforts of some to track down who “she” was.

A screengrab of a post written by Heather Chua, which criticised a friend of hers who married an ITE graduate.

In a recent post, “Chua” told a lengthy story of a friend of hers from Raffles Girls’ School who got married to an ITE graduate. “She” claimed that her friend’s parents disapproved of their relationship “because of his poor family background and where he came from”, adding that they did not attend her wedding while saying how “extremely disappointed in her” “she” was.

Several bloggers accused him of creating fake modelling events in a bid to trick aspiring models to send their portfolio pictures to him. They also said in various posts on Facebook that the photographs of luxury cars “Chua” posts on “her” Facebook profile contain digitally altered licence plates that do not exist on Singapore’s vehicle listings.

The female images used as “Chua”’s profile pictures were also allegedly stolen from Thai actress and blogger Pimpatchara Vajrasevee. The latter also previously took to her Instagram account to call “Chua” out for stealing her pictures, but she allegedly denied doing so in comments on Vajrasevee’s pictures.

According to screengrabs of “Chua”’s account, “her” birthday is 25 July 1973, and listed the University of Phoenix, National University of Singapore, Temasek Junior College and Raffles Girls’ School among her places of education.

By Wednesday, the man’s Facebook profile had been taken down.

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