Chinese Scholar Calls Singaporeans “Dogs”; Disciplined

(Original story at the Straits Times here.)

Mr. Xu probably thought that he was merely ranting to his friends about an unpleasant encounter with a stranger. He proceeded to label the people of his host country “dogs,” which infuriated many. Because he is a scholar sponsored by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE), he has been disciplined by his university and his case will be looked into by bureaucrats. He may even lose his scholarship. After all, how can one set a good example for his/her students if s/he doesn’t behave in a socially acceptable manner?

Chinese scholarship student apologises for insulting comments

Published on Feb 23, 2012

By Lin Zhaowei

The Ministry of Education (MOE) said on Wednesday that it was disappointed with ‘irresponsible’ blog comments made by one of its undergraduate scholarship holders from China.

Mr Sun Xu’s comment that Singapore has ‘more dogs than humans’ had riled netizens who called for, among other things, his scholarship to be revoked.

The MOE said scholarship administrators will take reference from findings of disciplinary proceedings by the National University of Singapore (NUS), where Mr Sun is studying, before recommending what action to take.

The mechanical engineering student wrote in his microblog last Saturday about unpleasant encounters he had with ‘uncles’. He said they would stare at him or complain endlessly even when he accidentally brushed past them. Their actions prompted him to add that ‘there are more dogs than humans in Singapore’.

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