Man Lies About Army Death; Arrested

(Original story at the Straits Times here.)

I have posted on this blog a few stories about the restriction of free speech in the military. In a paper that I wrote for graduate school regarding the lack of freedom of speech in the military, I argued that the restriction of free speech in such an organization is necessary and that servicemen should not expect to have the same rights as civilians; after all, the military has its own set of laws and judiciary. Servicemen even have their own military IDs.

The story is different from the rest that I’ve posted in that the person who started the hoax isn’t even in the military. I wonder how it would stand up in a court of law.

Teen arrested over blog hoax about ‘NSF gunshot death’

Published on Feb 17, 2012

A youth aged 19 has been arrested for allegedly lying in a blog post that a full-time national serviceman had died from a gunshot wound in a military live-firing exercise.

A police spokesman, responding to media queries, confirmed a police report about the hoax was made last Saturday.

The youth is now assisting the police in investigations into a suspected instance of ‘transmitting a false or fabricated message’, an offence under the Telecommunications Act, he added.

The post, made on Jan 27 on the blog called Temasek Revealed, claimed the incident took place that morning. It said a Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) serviceman aged 19 had been hit in his right eye by a stray bullet in Sembawang, and that he had died instantly.

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