Singapore Police Makes Arrests Based on Tip-Offs Through Facebook

(Original story at the Straits Times here.)

As the article states, traditional media (such as newspapers, posters and television) were used in the past to look for suspects. Nowadays, Facebook is being used to identify suspects. And they are “confident” that more cases will be solved through this medium.

Singapore Police makes 1st arrest based on Facebook tip-off

Published on Nov 25, 2011

By Leonard Lim

Newspapers, television programmes and posters in public places have helped the police nab hundreds of suspects over the years.

Now, social media has proven to be another effective platform with the police making their first arrest after receiving information from an appeal on Facebook. The information had been posted on the Singapore Police Force’s Facebook page in July 2009.

Besides the popular social networking site, the police also appealed for information through traditional channels, with a press release sent out in 2009. A fortnight ago, a member of the public called 999, saying he could identify a suspected loan shark from the photo on Facebook. This led to the arrest of two suspects – both aged 19 – on Wednesday for suspected involvement in loanshark harassment activities in the Bukit Merah area. Investigations are ongoing, a statement released by police on Friday stated.

Ms Ng Guat Ting, the police force’s director of public affairs, said the police are grateful to the member of the public who provided the critical tip-off. ‘This is indeed public-spiritedness in cyberspace. We are confident that more cases will be solved through this e-partnership with the community,’ she said.

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