Potential Employer Sees Maid’s Post on Children; Not Hired

(Original story at The Straits Times here.)

Of all the stories that I have posted on this blog, the comment by this job candidate is — by a long shot — the most innocent one that has caused anyone to lose a job opportunity or a job. It is getting harder and harder to keep your work and private lives separate, particularly on Facebook. Here are some tips:

  1. Try to keep your privacy settings on Facebook as high as possible
  2. Do not say anything work-related on social media
  3. Do not say anything on social media that you would not repeat to your mother
  4. Do not to befriend coworkers, supervisors or potential employers on Facebook
  5. Keep your professional relationships to LinkedIn and Twitter

The Facebook way to hiring foreign maids

Prospective employers go online for detailed background checks

Published on Oct 27, 2011
By Lin Wenjian

Unlike most other employers of foreign maids, Madam Rachel Lee was not content to rely on the information provided by maid agencies.

Instead, the 44-year-old hairdresser decided to befriend one of the Filipino maids she had shortlisted on Facebook, so she could get to know more about her.

But Madam Lee decided against hiring the maid, after seeing what she had posted on her Facebook page. ‘I was quite keen to hire her until she commented to her friends one day that kids in Singapore are mischievous and hard to take care of,’ said Madam Lee, whose main reason for wanting to hire a maid is so someone can take care of her two children, aged 12 and four, while she is at work.

She said she hit upon the idea of finding out more about potential maids through Facebook because her previous maid also had an account, which she updated regularly.

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