Man Pretends to be His Boss on Facebook; Arrested

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Imagine asking a friend or acquaintance to find you on Facebook using your first and last name because “it’s not going to be difficult to find me,” only to have him/her come back to you to ask why you posted what you posted on your profile (when you do not remember anything of that sort); why you have not accepted his/her friend request (you did not receive it); or which [insert first and last name] in [insert name of city here] you are.

Any of the above situations are likely to happen if your name is really common where you live, or worse, or if someone is impersonating you on Facebook.

The point is that it would not be long before your victim finds out about the impersonation, unless of course your victim does not use Facebook.

This is an old one and I cannot find updates on the case, but in many jurisdictions, it is a crime to impersonate elected officials, bureaucrats or a military serviceman. This might have been a prank to get back at his boss, but even if Lacroix did not get charged with a crime, he was unlikely to get away with the incident at work.

Prison Guard Arrested for Posing as His Boss on Facebook

by Amar Toor on December 20, 2010 at 03:50 PM

A prison guard in Rhode Island has been arrested after he admitted to posing as his boss on Facebook. The guard, 27-year-old Matthew Lacroix, reportedly created the fake profile using a computer at his neighbor’s house. Authorities first discovered the page in August, and eventually tracked the IP address to the home. Eventually, Lacroix pleaded guilty to “use of fraudulent information,” and had to pay $500 to the state’s Victims Indemnity Fund. Rhode Island’s Adult Correctional Institutions has since placed Lacroix on paid leave, pending the results of a forthcoming hearing.

Investigators say Lacroix enjoyed a friendly relationship with his neighbors, but insist that they weren’t privy to his Facebook fraud. “The couple living there knew nothing about it, but in the course of the conversation, they mentioned that their neighbor was a corrections employee,” police Capt. James Demers told the Providence Journal.

“Detectives went next door and Lacroix initially denied having anything to do with the page but later admitted it because he did not want to get his neighbors in trouble.” His boss, Department of Corrections head A.T. Wall, did not comment on the arrest, but spokeswoman Tracey E. Zeckhausen said that he was concerned “that someone would do this.”

Authorities haven’t elaborated on the information that Lacroix posted on the fraudulent page, nor have they determined whether it was an isolated incident, or part of a larger scheme. Further investigation will determine Lacroix’s ultimate fate, and may shed some light on why he decided to create the page in the first place. Either way, though, it’s pretty clear that it wasn’t the wisest of decisions.

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