Teachers Post Improper Photos; Investigated

(Original story at 9News here.)

In professions where one’s professional image is extremely important for the purpose of respect, it will do one good not to post racy pictures on one’s Facebook profile.

One may argue that it is the individual’s right to do whatever s/he wants in his/her own free time, but remember: employers are generally quite wary about the negative image that their employees may portray as a result of their activities that are off the clock.

Teachers’ racy Facebook photos spark probe

15:00 AEST Tue Mar 16 2010Education Queensland is investigating two female high school teachers who published scantily-clad photographs of themselves on Facebook.

The images show teachers Ann Kerr and Helen Casey from Warwick State High School, southwest of Brisbane, posing as schoolgirls in fishnet stockings while sitting on a bathroom vanity, the Warwick Daily News reports.

Ms Kerr’s Facebook page, which is no longer accessible, contained a photo album of the images called “First day of school”. One of the photographs also doubled as her profile picture.

The photographs were able to be accessed by anyone who was “accepted” as a friend by either of the teachers. Former students of Warwick State High were among those on the teacher’s friends’ lists.

It is not known how old the women are or what subjects they teach.

Education Queensland’s Greg Dickman, Regional Director for Darling Downs and South West, confirmed an investigation was underway.

“The Department of Education and Training’s Code of Conduct requires its employees to ensure that the content of their private social networking sites is appropriate,” Mr Dickman said.

“This requirement takes into account the trust placed in a public servant, particularly a teacher.

“All complaints of misconduct against teachers and other departmental staff are forwarded to the Ethical Standards Unit for assessment and management.

Mr Dickman said Education Queensland’s Ethical Standards Unit was continuing its inquiries into the photographs.

“The regional office has advised two staff members to ensure their Facebook profiles are in line with the expectations of the Department,” he said.

“Education Queensland takes a fair and balanced approach to performance management and conduct issues and all staff are given the opportunity to respond to matters raised in relation to their work performance and conduct.”

Ninemsn attempted to contact Ms Kerr but was told she was “on professional leave and will be back tomorrow”.

Ms Casey was also not able to be reached.

The EQ Code of Conduct says if teachers use social networking websites in their personal time then they must ensure any material is “appropriate and private” and that “access to specific people who are not students” is restricted.

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