Man Issues Death Threat; Jailed

(Original story at WREX here.)

What is the difference between making a death threat to someone’s face and making the same threat on Facebook?

Well, it is harder to deny the act on Facebook than in person.

Alright, that was a trick question, but someone could possibly get away with a lighter sentence with a face-to-face death threat than on Facebook by claiming that his/her tone suggested hyperbole or that the threat was made without much thought.

Local man sentenced for making death threat on Facebook

By Krista Hostetler 

Eau Claire (WQOW) – An Eau Claire man is sentenced for making an alleged death threat on Facebook.

In April, police were contacted when someone noticed Jordan Dickinsen’s Facebook page indicated he was on his way to kill someone, then kill himself. Police say he had changed his Facebook profile picture to a photo of him holding a gun, and then to an image of a man who appeared to have been shot in the face.

When Dickinsen was caught, officers say he admitted planning to shoot someone. The Eau Claire man was sentenced Wednesday to 1.5 months in jail.

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