Australian Soldiers Make Racist Remarks; May Be Dishonorably Discharged

(Original story at The West Australian here.)

Soldiers, please do not upload anything you do at work (be it in camp or out on the field) on social media. First, that very act may be a breach of security. Second, there are many things that you do and say that civilians do not appreciate – I know, because I spent more than two years in the Singapore army myself.

Aussie soldiers in Afghanistan Facebook gaffe

March 24, 2011, 2:55 pm

Australian soldiers who have served in Afghanistan could be discharged from the army for posting racist comments and videos on Facebook.

After a 7News investigation has uncovered the commentary, the Acting Chief of Army deemed the behaviour of the soldiers as ‘disgusting’ saying it goes against proper military training.

The video depicts soldiers shooting guns and detonating explosives, destroying a bridge, in Afghanistan.

Once posted on Facebook Australian Defence Force soldiers have been found making obscene and racist comments on the footage, mocking the people they have been sent to help.

The Australian Army has now launched an investigation into the conduct of soldiers in Afghanistan.

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